Mustard Gas – an unlikely ally in the fight against cancer

Read on to take a look into the history of Mustard Gas and how it forever changed cancer research Over one hundred years ago, a conflict of unprecedented size commanded the world. Aptly titled “The Great War”,  World War I claimed over 40 million lives. However, one weapon used in the war would end up […]

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Ayushman Bharat – Implications in cancer treatment – An Interview with Dr. Krishnatreya

In fact, around 100,000 lives can be saved annually by merely linking the National Health Protection Mission or Ayushman Bharat with cancer screening in an eligible population of the country.

Breast Cancer

CanAssist Breast revolutionizes breast cancer treatment – An interview with Dr. Manjiri Bakre

CanAssist Breast helps to identify the likelihood of breast cancer returning post-surgery. Our test classifies patients as ‘low risk’ or ‘high risk’ based on the patient’s risk of breast cancer recurrence over five years.