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A look at the state of cancer epidemiology studies in India – An interview with Dr. Krishnatreya

Most of the major population-based epidemiological studies on cancer in India have been region-specific. Population based cancer survival is the most unbiased estimate for measuring effectiveness of existing cancer control efforts by the Government.

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Ayushman Bharat – Implications in cancer treatment – An Interview with Dr. Krishnatreya

In fact, around 100,000 lives can be saved annually by merely linking the National Health Protection Mission or Ayushman Bharat with cancer screening in an eligible population of the country.

Cancer Registry

A perspective on cancer registries from India’s North east region – An interview with Dr. Krishnatreya

Earlier to the start of PBCRs in North East India, oncologists and public health planners believed that the Gangetic belt is the “hot spot” for gall bladder cancer (GBC). Now, Kamrup District in Assam, reports the second-highest incidence of GBC in the world.