Why HealthTroopers?

A recent pilot study on breast cancer diagnostics left us increasingly aware of the rising incidence of breast cancer in India; the number one cancer in women.  Breast cancer in India is associated with lower survival outcomes than the west with about 150,000 new breast cancer cases diagnosed every year, closely followed by cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers.

With over 5,37,000 women diagnosed with cancer in India, an open knowledge sharing platform where various stakeholders discuss current practices, insights, and challenges that exist within the cancer care ecosystem can add significant value to the already existing efforts and further drive improvements in care.

To fill this need, we have developed the “HealthTroopers” platform to  collate and share the experiences of thought leaders across different geographic regions and care levels. We envision a platform where leaders can draw nuanced insights to help drive impactful and positive change for cancer patients  – potentially leading to better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Posted here are discussions with oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, clinical geneticists and other community stakeholders who are contributing and changing the landscape of care in gynecological cancers.

We invite all participants of the oncology continuum to join us in this journey to help improve health outcomes in India!